Birthday WeekendMay 07th, 2021

Birthday Boy

Admin has a Birthday this weekend and to celebrate we have set a 15% Discount on Everything in the Store.

Offer ends at Server Reset on Sunday night.

Revenue SharesMay 06th, 2021

Revenue Shares

I have been getting emails asking what has happened to Revenue Shares. The answer is that I have had to disable them for a short period so that we can make some changes.

The new shares will be available from 19th May 2021 at the same price of $0.50 each.
Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Purchase ContestMarch 29th, 2021

Purchase Contest   Contest Now Closed

Our winners are:

1. mykeddym   Wins   $ 31.98       2. matura  Wins  $ 19.98         3.  WyldChyld695   Wins  $ 7.99   

Congratulations, and thanks to you all for your wonderful support.
Payeer AddedMarch 29th, 2021


We have added Payeer as a Payment Processor. Payments will be opened if members show a demand.

Revenue SharesMarch 17th, 2021

Revenue Shares

I am pleased to announce that Revenue Shares have now been added

to this site. You can find them towards the bottom of the My Account 


To make a purchase you need to click on "Buy Shares" in the Rev Share panel.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems. 

One Share will cost you $0.50 and the return after 4 weekly payments of

$0.1875 will be $0.75 - giving you a 50% Profit.

As a special incentive, all members purchasing Shares will receive a free 

Advertising pack of 200 Ptc Credit and 1000 Banner Credits worth $2.50.

Bangladesh and Pakistan MembersMarch 16th, 2021

Bangladesh and Pakistan

Due to continuous (and increasing) cheating Members from Pakistan and Bangladesh now need to make a purchase at the site before they can request payment.

Free Upgrade ReminderFebruary 21st, 2021

Free Upgrades Available

Don't forget that members that earn a combined total

of $10.00 or more at the OfferWalls on this site can

Contact Admin and be awarded a FREE Level 2 Upgrade

for One Month.

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