Are you a Member at Express CryptoOctober 07th, 2021

Are you a Member at Express Crypto?

We will be starting a Weekly Giveaway to our members.

All you need to do is go to our Forum and post your EC Username in the Express Crypto thread, under the Bonuses heading

We will select three members from the entries every week and send them FREE Crypto coins.

If you are not a member a Express Crypto you can use this link to sign up:   

First payments sent out today, Saturday Oct. 9.  Winners shown in Forum.

ShortlinksSeptember 12th, 2021


We have disabled Shortlinks due to none of them registering at their Home site, thus not generating any income for us.

However, they have been replaced with Video Links that are available to all members (Frameless Ads). You need to View for a minimum of 30 seconds to receive credit.

Members can purchase Video Credits from the Store for as little as $0.50 per 500 views. 

Please - Be sensible with what you add. 

Revenue SharesAugust 07th, 2021

Revenue Shares - Money for Nothing

Just to let you all know (especially if you do not subscribe to our 

Facebook and Telegram Support pages)  Revenue Shares are now

available at both Surf Frenzy and Money Tree Clix with identical


Recent Site ChangesJuly 02nd, 2021

Recent Site Changes

Hi Everyone

Over the last couple of months there have been some significant changes at the site.  These include:
  • Adding Revenue Shares
  • Adding Video Viewing
  • Adding Shortlinks
  • Adding Cointraffic Redirects
All of these (I would like to think) Enhancements are for YOUR benefit, not mine.
As Members increase the viewing of Videos and Shortlinks, they will also be increasing Revenue coming to the site.  The Extra Revenue is for the benefit of our Members.  When we start receiving it I intend to increase Payment amounts for Everyone.
This can only be done if Members work that little bit harder and view  Shortlinks, OfferWalls etc. and some of you make some purchases of Advertising.
I appreciate that the Redirects can get annoying, but the Revenue from and Increased Earning for Members, should make them tolerable.
Please add any comments about this post in our Forum, under General Discussion as I feel it is important that I know how our Members feel about things.
Stay Safe everyone, and Happy Earning to you all.

More Cheaters FoundJune 26th, 2021

More Active Cheaters

Sadly, after monitoring for a few weeks and today confirming my thoughts,

I have had to add Taiwan to the list of Countries that need to make a

purchase before they can request payment.

I will not tolerate Cheaters and I am sorry that they impact honest members,

but I am left with now other suitable option.

Revenue Shares ReminderJune 19th, 2021

Revenue Shares

Just a reminder that we restarted Revenue Shares a few weeks age.

The response has been amazing with near THREE Times the number of Members

purchasing Shares and benefiting from the Passive Income.

Why not give it a try?

Shares are priced at $0.50 each

Profit 20%

Payments sent out Weekly

Members can purchase any number of Shares, from 1 to 25.

Only ONE purchase allowed per 28 day period.

Amendment to Terms - PaymentsJune 03rd, 2021

Amendment to Terms - Payments

Upgrades can be purchased through our Store using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money or Payeer.  Members will be allowed to Request Payments immediately after purchasing their upgrade BUT withdrawals can ONLY be made using the same Payment Gateway as used for the Purchase.

All requests that ignore this Term will be cancelled without further explanation. This will result in the Withdrawal window reducing from 30 days and could well result in a member only being able to Request Three payments during the upgrade period instead of Four requests.

Revenue SharesMay 21st, 2021

Revenue Shares

Revenue Shares will be available again today, after Server Reset.

Shares will be priced at $0.50

Profit 20%

Payments sent out Weekly

Maximum Shares per Member is 25.

Only ONE purchase allowed per 28 day period.

PayeerMay 17th, 2021


Payeer's Bankers have decided to block my Credit Card. This is after

approving it and processing three top-ups. Nobody can tell me what the

problem is.

This means that until the problem has been resolved I will need to be

careful with the funds that are available, and to help with this I have 

put a Temporary stop to payments through Payeer for Standard members.

I am sorry for the inconvenience but rest assure it will go back to normal as 

soon as possible.

Purchase ContestMarch 29th, 2021

Purchase Contest   Contest Now Closed

Our winners are:

1. mykeddym   Wins   $ 31.98       2. matura  Wins  $ 19.98         3.  WyldChyld695   Wins  $ 7.99   

Congratulations, and thanks to you all for your wonderful support.
Payeer AddedMarch 29th, 2021


We have added Payeer as a Payment Processor. Payments will be opened if members show a demand.

Bangladesh and Pakistan MembersMarch 16th, 2021

Bangladesh and Pakistan

Due to continuous (and increasing) cheating Members from Pakistan and Bangladesh now need to make a purchase at the site before they can request payment.

Free Upgrade ReminderFebruary 21st, 2021

Free Upgrades Available

Don't forget that members that earn a combined total

of $10.00 or more at the OfferWalls on this site can

Contact Admin and be awarded a FREE Level 2 Upgrade

for One Month.

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