Email Verification

New Members will be allowed 72 hours from joining the site to Verify their Email address. This can be done by clicking on the link that is sent to you during Registration.

Members not verifying addresses will have accounts deleted after the 72 hour deadline.

If you DO NOT receive the verification email, please contact Admin.

Your Registration MUST include your FULL Name if you want to receive payments.

Number of Accounts

You are allowed just ONE account at this site.

We do not allow Proxy IP addresses (including Opera).

We not allow Corporate IP addresses or Network Sharing Devices.

Anyone found breaching this rule will have their account Deleted and will lose ALL earnings! This includes Upgraded Members and Revenue Shares.


Although all earnings are shown in US$, Withdrawals can only be made using Bitcoin, Litecoin or Perfect Money

Bitcoin and Litecoin payments will be sent from our account at Coinbase. If you have a Coinbase account please withdraw using your Coinbase Email address. This will save you from paying fees.

If you do not have a Coinbase account please use the respective Wallet address and payments will be sent to your Wallet. However, we will not pay the fees. They will be deducted from your payment, thus reducing the amount you receive.

Upgraded Members will be able to withdraw as shown in your Upgrade.

Standard Members will be allowed ONE withdrawal every 10 days.

Upgrades can be purchased through our Store using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Perfect Money or Payeer.  Members will be allowed to Request Payments

immediately after purchasing their upgrade BUT withdrawals can ONLY be made using the same Payment Gateway as used for the Purchase.

All requests that ignore this Term will be cancelled without further explanation. This will result in the Withdrawal window reducing from 30 days and could well

result in a member only being able to Request Three payments during the upgrade period instead of Four requests.

Due to continuous (and increasing) cheating Members from Pakistan, India, Taiwan, Iran and Bangladesh now need to make a purchase at the site before they can request payment.


Please DO NOT register an account here using Hotmail, Outlook, MSN, Windows Live, Ymail or AOL, because you will NOT receive your verification email which means you will not be able to access this site.

We ask ALL members to complete the Registration page IN FULL. This must include your REAL name. (First and Last names - in ENGLISH)

Failure to do this will result in Payment Requests being CANCELLED until you show your real name.

Please make sure that you make a note of your PIN numbernused when registering. You will need it to make Withdrawals.

Email Filtering Services

Any member that uses an email Filtering service that asks for payment before receiving our emails will be suspended from using this site.


All Sales are Final and cannot be reversed. Please do not ask for Refunds as your request will be declined.

Unwanted Accounts

We reserve the right to delete a Member Account for any of the following reasons.

1. Anyone found or considered to be Cheating.

2. Any Member that is abusive or sends threats to Admin OR other Members.

3. Any Member seen to be posting detrimental comments about Admin or the Site on external Forums or via Emails.

Purchased Referrals

Please note that we do not Guarantee activity from Referrals that you purchase at this site.

However, at the time of purchase, all Referrals have been active at the site within the last 5 days.

Inactive Accounts

Any Member that has not been ACTIVE at the site for 30 days or more wilill be removed from Database and any earnings will be lost.

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